How to Play Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is famous among many players for different reasons. The most valuable reason is its low house edge, which starts at 1.5%, and decent payout. There is also straightforward gameplay that anyone can understand in ten minutes. Online blackjack offers a wide range of variants and side bets, so there's no getting bored with it. These reasons and more are why, like many other players, you should play blackjack online. This guide has all you need to start, and you can get more information at art-nature-village .


Online Blackjack Gameplay

Online blackjack aims to beat the dealer by having a better hand value. You can beat the dealer if you draw a value of 21 with your initial cards, the dealer has a value higher than 21, or you have a higher hand value than the dealer at the end of the round. If the dealer's hand value is higher than yours or you surpass 21, you lose. The hand value is determined by the type of cards you have, as they each hold a certain value:

  • Ace: worth 1 or 11 depending on what is needed.
  • 2 to 10: counted at face value.
  • Face cards (Q, K, J): has a value of 10.

Online blackjack starts with the player buying chips. Depending on where you're playing, you buy the number of chips you want to bet with and make your wager. After this, the computer or dealer will give you two cards facing up. Once you get your cards, the game has started. If you have a hand value of 21 from your first cards, for example, an Ace and a Queen, you automatically win that round. If not, you have to make one out of five choices.

Online blackjack choices include hit, stand, double down, split or surrender. When you hit, you're asking for another card, but if you stand, you're telling the dealer you don't need another card. You can also double down, which means you multiply your wager by two and ask for an additional card to make a blackjack. If you split, you have two cards of equal value, so you turn one hand into two. The last option is to surrender, which means you quit and leave with a percentage of your bet.

Online Blackjack Strategy

Online blackjack is all about knowing the right choices to make, depending on the cards you were given. Before learning the strategies, keep in mind that a hard hand means you don't have an Ace while a soft hand means that you do. Also, never bet insurance. Always hit soft 17 or less, or hard 11 or less. If you have a hard 17 or more, or a soft 18 or more, you should stand. Also, stand on a hard 12 to 16 if the dealer has 2 to 6.

When it comes to splitting in online blackjack, never do this for 5s and 10s but always do it when you have Aces and 8s. Otherwise, before you split, consider the hand of the dealer. For example, split 7s if the dealer has 2 to 7. It is best to double down when you notice that you have a chance of getting a blackjack with another card before the dealer. Also, make sure that you won't surpass 21. With these strategies, you can start practicing with free online blackjack.